1. How exactly does it work?

When you submit a form, you are required to list your courses of interest and universities. If we have a mentor that is studying your first-choice course of interest you will be matched with them. If we don’t have a mentor from that course, we will look for someone who’s doing your second-choice course and so forth. The next alternative would be a match based on your university of interest.

If for whatever reason, we are unable to find you a suitable mentor, you will be matched with one of our administrators who will advise you on university application and any other queries you may have.

2. Does it cost money to register/ use your service?

Nope! Our service is run by volunteers and it’s free to use!

3. Can I be a mentor?

In order to qualify as a mentor you need to be in university or have graduated from university.

4. Can I be a mentee?

In order to qualify as a mentee, you need to be in sixth form or be a prospective university student. We do not accept mentees in Year 11 or below.

5. What kind of advice do you offer?

We advise our mentors to be 100% honest and to offer guidance on writing personal statements, what to expect in university, thoughts on their course, their university experience and how to prepare for university life. The relationship you build with your mentor is unique hence the questions you ask are completely up to you.

6. Are the administrators students?

We are graduates.