Summer Internships- Is It Worth It?

Summer Internships are great opportunities to get hands-on experience in real life work settings. For 6-9 weeks you get to work in your chosen role and company, understand what is expected of you, how businesses work, interact and network with seniors, earn money and spend your summer productively. The beauty of an internship is that it is not permanent, you have the freedom to choose whatever role or company you wish to apply to. If you do Accounting but you’re really interested in Marketing or IT then a summer internship can be a really great way of gaining exposure to these industries. This ultimately helps you decide whether your chosen path is suited for you.

Here are more reasons why you should do an internship:

Gain experience

Summer internships allow you to gain invaluable experience. It gives you the opportunity to gain an understanding about a particular role and industry which can be extremely useful in deciding your future. It is also a great way to enhance your CV and attain transferrable skills. An internship may not give you the entire picture of a role, but it gives you a very good understanding of what is expected of you. Whilst working, you get to know yourself better both professionally and personally and can better understand your strengths and weaknesses. The skills you gain through an internship isn’t just technical, it’s also soft-skills; one of the most important skill in a workforce. Summer internships force you to understand the power of networking, communication and teamwork, all of which are vital for success.

Learn about field

Similar to the point above, summer internships help you learn more about your chosen field. It gives you a great base to understand the industry and the skills you need to succeed in it. It’s a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience and prepare you for the real world. Prior to the internship you may have notions about the field or what you want to do, thus an internship can either confirm these beliefs or help you fill in your knowledge gaps. Just like with any job, having experience prior to working can be vital as it sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. It will allow you to bank some skills proving useful in both your educational, professional and personal life.

Earn money

Most internships in the UK are paid and the salaries can be extremely generous depending on the type of role you go into. It’s a really great way to earn some money before heading back into university or new job. It’s always nice to get a little pocket money.

Networking experience

During your internship you will get the opportunity to meet lots of seniors in your chosen field, allowing you to network and build connections. There may be conferences, talks and networking events held by the company where you can meet inspiring individuals. If you can, try to build a relationship with someone senior and ask them to be your mentor. This is a unique opportunity to get guidance and 99.9% are happy to talk/mentor you.

Productive summer

A summer internship is an extremely great way to spend your summer. It’s not only great for your future employment but also for your personal life. You get real life work experience and meet great people. Most companies host regular intern events, making every day really interesting and fun. It’s a great way to know whether your chosen role/company is suited for you. You may come out of the internship confirming your choices or decide to pursue something completely different, whatever it is, an internship can be extremely valuable in helping you decide.

Your summer could go either of two ways; spend time at home, go on holiday and chill or work, meet great people, gain invaluable skills, earn money and still have time to relax. A lot of people have the misconception that if they work in the summer they won’t be able to enjoy their break, however this is not true. Most internships last around 6-9 weeks, where you can take days off during or wait until after your internship.

Graduate job

If you work hard for the 6-9 weeks of your internship you could land yourself a graduate role, saving you the hassle of finding a job after university. It can be extremely stressful to find a role, however through an internship you could be fast tracked or offered a role straight away. This not only saves time with applications during your final year but also reduces a huge stress. Companies offer great benefit packages for graduates and some may even offer a scholarship package for your final year. Even if you don’t get offered a role, the experience itself will help immensely with applications, so it’s a win-win situation.

Overall, I believe summer internships are worth it and should be utilised by all students. When I was a summer intern, I had the most amazing time. I met a lot of amazing people and have made friends for life. Every social was fun and the company was great at organising events with seniors. The work itself was challenging and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, allowing me to build transferrable skills.

I really hope this proved helpful, please drop any questions you have in the comments section below.

Good luck.

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