Reasons to visit University open days

University open days are the perfect opportunity to find out more about a university, the culture, the location, the campus, student housing and more!

Here are some reasons to visit open days:

  1. You get to see the university and explore different buildings, the sport facilities, the library, the classes, the lecture theatres, the cafes.. everything! It’s a great way to explore the vicinity of the university and to feel the university culture. It really helps you to understand whether that particular university is fit for you.
  2. You get to explore the local area. Similar to the point above, you get to explore the local area and understand what to expect if you were to move there. It helps you get a feel of the local town/city and whether you can imagine yourself in that place for the next 3/4 years.
  3. You get to talk to students. Open days usually take place during university breaks, so as not to overcrowd the place, however there are plenty of people around who you can talk to. You can find out more about your degree, what to expect from your classes, what grades you need for the degree and any other question you’ve been dying to ask.
  4. You get to talk to faculty members. This is your opportunity to ask faculty members anything you want! They can help you understand more about a course you’re applying to, what the course entails, class schedules, extra curricular reads/ activities.
  5. You get to visit student accommodation. This is very important. Seeing where you could potentially live is very important, you can talk to some of the residence, get a feel of the area and decide whether it’s a place you can see yourself living.

I would highly recommend everyone to visit University open days. I benefitted hugely from them. Open days helped me realise which universities I wanted to apply to and which not to. By attending, I got a feel of the campus, the local area, the student housing and even got to sit in on some talks. Some universities offer special talks for parents so they know what to expect when their child attends the school. You understand more about student finance and other finances available through university, the course, the grades you need and careers after graduation.

Open days are run throughout the year depending on each university. You can book tickets through the university website, simple!

Good luck

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