More females going to university than males

According to an article from the BBC, more 18 year old females from the UK are going to university than males of the same age. This is the largest recorded difference by UCAS, from the largest number of 18 year olds going to university till date.

One of the reason for this disparity is an increase in the number of females taking nursing courses. This course has 28 women recruited for every one male. Are fewer males applying to these courses because of the stigma attached to it? I really believe this is the case, some males get castrated for taking “feminine” course which is a huge shame because there’s so much potential, reward, skill and talent to be gained in such courses. What do you think?

This year 482,510 people have been accepted into university, which is a 1.4% decrease from last year. However this year was the best year for A-Level results in six years, with males getting more A* than females.

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Photo credit: BBC

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